The RoyalABC Learning Ecosystem – Delivering the Young Learner Pathway to an Innovative and Talented China

Education in China is rapidly evolving to meet the needs of its people, ensuring that the learning of today is agile enough to meet the changing demands of future work and life. As boundaries between people and culture become more porous, and many jobs of the future are unknown, the 21st century citizen will have to be resilient, curious, creative, innovative and most of all adaptable.

These characteristics have been recognised by China’s Ministry of Education and enshrined in the China Education Development Thirteenth Five-Year Plan, which lays out the road map to an education system that approaches individual development holistically and takes into account the challenges of educating for both the known and unknown.

RoyalABC Certifies 21 ELT Teachers and Staff at Prestige Nanjing Kindergarten Group Demay International

Jiangsu Demay Education Group, headquartered in Nanjing, was founded in 2008 and directly operates more than 10 kindergartens acrossing Jiangsu province. In order to develop premier international bilingual kindergartens, Demay Education has consistently introduced international advanced education theories and practices to their suite of programmes. The organisation collaborates with partners in the USA, Australia and Germany, and has support from the World Bank. Currently, Demay Education has over 4,000 students. To provide a professional and premium English class to students age 4-6, Demay Education decided to introduce premium British English using RoyalABC into its kindergarten. Aside from hundreds of hours of quality curriculum, Demay wanted to take advantage of the comprehensive training offered to teachers by RoyalABC. Demay now uses the RoyalABC teacher training programme as one of its key professional development opportunities for staff.

Leading Hangzhou Learning Centre Golden World Education Partners with RoyalABC

Golden World Education Training Centre is a premium specialised learning centre based in Hangzhou, with a number of venues across the province. After twenty years of operation, Golden World Education has won many prestigous awards, including Advanced Organisation in Hangzhou in The Star & Torch English Talent Competitions of Chinese Youngsters (“星星火炬”全国少年儿童英语风采浙江展示活动“组织工作先进单位”) as well as a title of Zhejiang Province Industry Integrity and Public Satisfaction Organisation (“浙江省行业诚信暨公众满意单位”的称号). As testimony to their status as a provider of quality British English training and education, Golden World Education has the honour of being licensed by Zhejiang Provincial Education Examination Authority to be one of the training centres for Cambridge English Young Learners (Licence No. 330143300).

Principles of Pre-built lessons

The RoyalABC Teaching and Learning team come from diverse global teaching, writing and training backgrounds, and bring their collective experience together to create pedagogically rigorous content for the RoyalABC programme.

One of the components of the programme is the pre-built lessons. These make preparing and delivering a classroom lesson simple, with all elements necessary to teaching young learners British English in an engaging blended learning format pre-designed so teachers simply need to select their lesson and start teaching.

Summer School Success for RoyalABC and Youyu Learning Centre

In July 2017, Prosper Education partnered with progressive Hangzhou learning centre Youyu to launch the RoyalABC British English programme into China. Together, we ran a joint venture Summer School held at the Hangzhou Science and Technology Museum. Young learners from Youyu aged 4-6 spent three weeks learning RoyalABC British English lessons and coding. Youyu is a perfect strategic partner.