Learning Language Through Challenge-Based Play with RoyalABC

For a long time, games have been recognised as valuable teaching instruments, based on the idea that having fun while acquiring knowledge is a strong reinforcement to retaining the information. RoyalABC has incorporated this approach to learning in RoyalABC World, giving students the experience of challenge-based play reinforces the content of the British English lessons they have experienced in class, so learning becomes embedded.Students are empowered by being in control of the learning, and rewarded for both achievement and effort.

The same language goals being worked towards in the RoyalABC curriculum are mirrored through each of the activities in RoyalABC World. Growth mindset principles are particularly important here, as the effective effort students put in has a similar value as getting a challenge right. The algorithms embedded in each of the ‘games’ in RoyalABC measure how much effort students are making as well as actual attainment. If they are practising language at a level that is too simple, they will get a message from one of the growth mindset monkey guides or animal teachers in their chosen activity to try something harder. This encourages them to stretch their learning goals. Research on growth mindset shows that for children even as young as 5 years old, giving them explicit information about what is happening to their brain when they try hard and struggle, helps them establish a growth mindset early on in life.

The integration of phonics in RoyalABC World also means that students are practising their pronunciation at the same time as they are playing fun, challenge-based games that reinforce language learning. Each of the games is designed by our global game design experts in conjunction with the RoyalABC Learning and Design team and integrates the RoyalABC curriculum of British English and 21st century skills. The science of social and emotional skills is also embedded in RoyalABC World, with peer-to-peer interactivity mimicking the classroom and playground social interaction and enabling language acquisition through conversation.

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